=Dr. rer. nat. Péter Molnár

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Phone: 404.880.6419
E-mail: pmolnar@cau.edu



  1. CIS 105 -- Introduction to Programming
  2. CIS 106 -- Advanced Structured Programming
  3. CIS 121 -- Introduction to Computer Systems [Class Web-site]
  4. CIS 123 -- Data Structures
  5. CIS 471 -- Introduction to Algorithms [Class Web-site]
  6. CIS 474 -- Introduction to Database Systems
  7. CIS 475 -- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence [Class Web-site]
  8. CIS 493 -- Design and Research Project (Coordinator) [Class Web-site]
  9. CIS 671 -- Algorithm Design [Class Web-site]
  10. CIS 675 -- Artificial Intelligence [Class Web-site]
  11. CIS 687 -- Intelligent Machines/Robotics [Class Web-site]
  12. CIS 811 -- Research in Artificial Intelligence [Class Web-site]


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Presentations at Meetings (without proceeding)

  1. Molnár, P.: Self-organized control of manned and unmanned vehicles in space colonies, 2nd Annual Meeting of the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, Baltimore, 2000.
  2. Molnár, P. and Starke, J.: Self-organized Assignment of Autonomous Robots to Targets, ICRA 2000 Workshop on Self-organization in robotics and flexible manufacturing, San Francisco, 2000
  3. P. Molnár and T. Collins. "Using Image Processing for Traffic Flow Data Collection" at Workshop on Traffic and Granular Flow, September 24-26, 1999, Stuttgart, Germany.